04 March 2011

Okay, awesome.

So, this is something I was unaware of. This is something fantastic.

blogger.com provides stats for the blog. This I knew. It tells me my all time pageviews, the countries they come from, the browsers people use, and the OS they're on. This I did not know. Just last month I had 523 views! February is even a short month! Rad! In the last 4 days, I've already had 70! I love this technocrap.

My personal blog history thus far (which may or may not be accurate, I just think it's cool):

I've had a total of 733 pageviews from the US of A. 17 from malaysia (is someone rerouting their IP?), 8 from Canada, 2 from Argentina, 1 from Chile and apparently, 1 from the Netherlands. I can guess where all of these came from minus Malaysia and the Netherlands.

13% of my pageviews come from Chrome broswers (most of which are probably me, checking on the page appearance). A whopping 34% are Firefox users, 26% Safari and 11% IE. I'm not proud of you IE users. 9% check up on me through their mobiles. YES! That means I'm important enough to check on the road. Haha.

46% (359) of my pageviews are running on Windows. I'd be ashamed, but with 34% Macintosh, 10% iPhones, 3% iPods, and 1% iPads, Mac products are up to 48% (368). HA! Take that, Windows! I at least hope you Windows users are using like, Windows 7, so i can be less ashamed of you.

Congrats to the 3% of you running Linux. I've never actually used it, I just kind of stare at my husband's daunting Ubuntu desktop set up without touching it.

Also, 297 of you clicked strait from facebook. Way to be. Apparently 23 visits came strait here from Natalia's blog, which is awesome.

My post with the highest pageviews is Lost and Found with 50. domestic life is a close 2nd with 48 and my Groundhog Day post is an even closer 3rd with 47.

You'll have to excuse my obsession with these for this post, but this is kinda fun. I love blogging and I love that I'm actually being read. It totally made my day yesterday when heather was over and announced that she LOVED reading my blog. My Mom has insisted that I'm entertaining, and I really hope I am, I love writing and I'm having a blast getting a little feedback here and there.

Thank you thank you thank you for reading my blog and making my day today, even indirectly by just visiting the blog. I'll write a real post maybe tomorrow after the BYU game that Casey and I get to go to. !

(For the record, it'll be my first NCAA basketball game EVER!)

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  1. Have fun at the game this afternoon!

    And, yeah, I use the link that I have on my own blog to visit yours so that's why that's included as a fact. :)