06 March 2011

regularly scheduled programming

We have had a wonderful couple of days. I love spending all the time I can with my wonderful husband, and the wonderful weekends are so wonderful to us. We tried to invite a couple of friends over for breakfast Saturday, but it turned out great that no one could come, due to the fact that Casey woke up sick and I was not in the mood for entertaining anyone either. We kicked off the day with some co-coddling and french toast made with Kneader's cinnamon bread. *drool*

It was SO wonderful.

I used the remainder of my cut up strawberries from my Mom's cake a week or two ago, they were about to die and needed to be ingested immediately.

After that we put ourselves together and managed to get to the BYU game.

102-78, take THAT, Wyoming!

And we are SO glad we put ourselves together to go, it was a great episode of the Jimmer show, and the student section apparently learned a dance before the game and performed it during the second half to the stupid song from the one video with everyone dancing down the aisle.

After that we went to Old Navy to see if the sale was worth taking advantage of. It totally was.

Then just usual date night, we went to La Jolla Groves at I think it was Natalia Earley's suggestion. Not bad, you get a semi-fine dining experience without the whole fine-dining price. See?

Beef Tenderloin Medallions. Good choice, me.

We had a caprese thinger for the appetizer and Casey had a pesto pasta. Mine totally won though. Then Cory and Katy came to the apartment bearing Farr's Peppermint ice cream and we watched Robot Jox, a terrible movie full of no plot and bad catch phrases. Crash and burn! But it's good bad, like all the MST3K movies.

Today we woke up on time, got ready, and got to church like 5 minutes early! It was epic, we walked into the chapel and no one was doing announcements or anything! With 8:30 church, it's kinda hard to get there on time, but with Casey's schedule change starting tomorrow, we have to get used to early mornings. Tomorrow he has to be off to work by about 5:40 am. Holy crap! Totally worth the sacrifice though, because now he has Friday, Saturday AND Sunday off. Makes planning outings with friends, vacations, etc. all a little easier. Who knows, after he leaves I might actually do some exercise or something before I head up the mountain to watch the kids.

Basically the point I'm trying to make is that life is looking really good right now. :) Also, pray for me, I really want this job interview my aunt is trying to get for me. No more details until I get the interview or the job. Ah! Here's hoping!


  1. Isnt married life wonderful! today Dan made me french toast! we smother it in peanut butter and syrup though haha sorry you were feeling lousy hope you get better soon! Also i'm impressed with your cooking skills (beef tenderloin) and i hope you get the job!

  2. Holy cow those tenderloins look delicious. And while I'd love to take the credit for your fine dining experience, I've never heard of the restaurant. Looks like you'll have to do a little digging to find out who has great taste!

    And good luck with the new early morning schedule AND daylight savings come Sunday. Death on a stick. :(

  3. Drat, Natalia, I thought it was you that told me about the place. Now I have to get into my memory bank again and try to figure out who on earth told me about it... Heather maybe?