25 January 2011

a new beginning

I always hated that phrase. "New beginnings." What's wrong with the old beginnings? I'm a little older and slightly more mature now (but not by much), and I think I'm starting to understand it.

Basically, I'm addicted to writing things down. Not as much as I should be, but my personal goal is to keep better track of things. Especially since I got married three months and three days ago, I've been feeling the need to keep track of now. When is better than now? I'm young, I'm married, I'm happy, and I have just about everything I need! But I've been doing lots of ponderings lately and I want to share them, so I'm starting this blog. It may or may not be my 5th blog in my time through the blogosphere, but i wasn't married for the other ones, and therefore they are now null and void.

(also, I'm addicted to reading other people's blogs and I just kind of want one too)

So, basics. Hi! I'm Brooke. I may or may not know you already. Casey is my husband and he makes my life what it should be. It's impossible to stay angry or annoyed with Casey in the room. We got married on October 22, 2010 after a fairly strait-forward courtship of five fantastic months. Lots of people came, and it was wonderful. :)

This blog is for the purpose of my ponderings and life story. I've always kept a journal (since I was in like, kindergarten, but my entries were short and nonsensical) but I in addition to the lovely leather book I fill with nonsense, I want to share my life (especially because people always ask what I'm up to).

So, here goes!


  1. Hooray! You have a blog and it's adorable so far!

  2. Keep it up Brooke!
    The gray on black type makes my eyes weird when I look away! LOL

  3. Fun to see a new blog! Cute pic at the top!

  4. BROOKE that is awesome that you are give'n this a try :) ps i am coming back down this weekend to babysit (same kiddos) if you and casey wanna come over for a visit give me a call :) i sure do heart you bbffec!