Resolutions: 2013

Brooke and Casey's joint resolutions:
  • Eat more awesome foods (maybe try Schwarma?).
  • Watch more movies (our Oscar prep this year has been dismal).
  • We should probably do better at FHE too.
  • Maintain our frankly laudable date-night record.
  • Finally, finally finish reading Sarah Vowel's Unfamiliar Fishes together (it's our designated "road trip" book, only we keep forgetting to bring and/or read it when we road trip, meaning our progress has been painfully slow).

Brooke's resolutions:

  • Bake more pies (other than Thanksgiving assistance, I didn't bake any this year)
  • Finish Gossip Girl (to get it out of my life, I swear it's an addiction)
  • Find a new addiction (Doctor Who, if you're wondering)
  • Read at least 20 books
  • Graduate and/or win college
  • Eat just a little less candy
  • Wake up when the first alarm goes off, or even the 2nd, rather than waiting for the 5th
  • Eat all the fruit we buy
  • Pick an educational organization to join
  • Finish more homework ahead of time
  • Learn more Spanish history (that country has had issues since before writing was invented)
  • Figure out the history of France (it's seriously crazy)
  • Play more guitar/bass/piano
  • Buy a new ukulele
  • Play ukulele
  • Write more for this blog, Expert Textperts and any other blogs that'll take me
  • Take a picture every day

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