27 January 2011

Lost and Found

I've been watching Lost. I told myself I wouldn't start watching it until after the series finale, and now that it's been over for a bit, I'm up to season 2. All of the questions and crap... I'm glad I don't have to wait days or worse WEEKS between episodes.

(collegehumor has the right idea about it)

Today we helped our friend Cory with some shopping stuff (he's all carless and whatnot), and afterwards the three of us plopped down in one of my favorite places.... smashburger! I had a "Sin City" smashburger (without the bacon, and pepperjack cheese instead of the cheddar). Something about a friend egg on a delicious burger with a side of smashfries is just downright fantastic. (Mmmmmm... smashfries...) Well, when the girl brought me my burger, she said, "I'm so sorry! We don't have any haystack onions right now, so here's something to make up for it." And she gave my a coupon! On the back it says "OopsCard." Haha! I get a free smashburger next time we go eat there. Huzzah! I'm on a streak in terms of eating out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when we went to P.F. Chang's I got TWO fortunes in my cookie! And Casey's said something about how well he does in computers (too true). Plus the waiter gave us three cookies, so we opened the last one together. Four fortunes in one meal... not too shabby!

Good times.

So, for the record, marriage is my favorite thing ever. And I found this awesome quote today.

"There is no greater risk than matrimony.
But there is nothing happier than a happy marriage."
--Benjamin Disraeli, 1870

Even back then, some people just had the right idea. No one ever told me that marriage was so GREAT. Okay, maybe they did, but I think they were severely lacking in the proper stress of the greatness of it.

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  1. They didn't want you to feel guilty or bad or left out in case you were one of the people that didn't get married until you were 26+. ;)