03 February 2011

the question on everyone's lips (chapped lips!)


If I were Phil Connors, and I had to relive Groundhog Day just like he did, I think the hardest part would be waking up at 6am every day. The other stuff would get on my nerves, but seriously? The alarm? And it's the same stupid bit of "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher. I always end up with that song and the Pennsylvania Polka stuck in my head after watching Groundhog Day. But you can't not watch it on Groundhog Day. Plus it's Casey's favorite movie of all time, so I was a good wife and sat on the couch waiting for him to come home with it already pulled up on the Netflix last night. Did you know that 20% of all internet traffic is used for streaming Netflix? I did. (Although, it might be at least 25% on the days I'm online).

It really was a pretty good Groundhog Day. I went to work, but it was SUPER boring, so I let Lisa stay and I took off with my whopping $8 I made in an hour and a half. (In server lingo, that's a SLOW morning.) I was more than happy to come home to my husband before he had to take off for work and we embarked on a small adventure for food at Zupas, where I had a half tomato basil half wisconsin cauliflower soup with orzo pasta in it. It was AWESOME. My life is changed forever.

Then Casey went off to work and after being dramatic about being by myself for a few minutes, I watched Lost and took a shower.

Not terribly exciting, I know.

BUT! I went to PG for the regional wrestling tournament, and Lars of course kicked some 215-pound butt, as he generally does. I always feel just a little bad for the 289-pounders when they get up. They are so BIG for high school kids. We were watching these 289ers go at it, and one took the other down, and they was this ginormous THUD as they hit the ground. As if 500 pounds of pure high school had just hit the mat all at once. They're insane to watch. I do love to watch the little 105 and 112 pounders right after the big guys, because suddenly it's like a third of the big kids steps on the mat, and they move so much faster than the big guys.

I'm gonna go watch my brother kick some more 215-pound butt today, before AND after class. If he places at least 4th (we're betting he'll take 1st or 2nd, depending on how he does against his mortal enemy, Dustin Dennison) then he goes to state next week! Woo! Funniest part? He totally dyed his hair black, as did a ton of the guys, but the black guy who already has short black hair, shaved an Alta Hawk on the back of his head. Epic.

That's a lot of information I guess. Really I only meant to talk about how I always forget parts of Groundhog Day, like the day he gets drunk and arrested after driving on the railroad tracks. Good lesson there, no consequences for our actions! Right?

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