03 March 2011


Okay, I am totally obsessed with food.

This morning we made Orange and Strawberry-Orange Julius. I just poured out Casey's serving of Orange and added strawberries to my serving. Yum. So easy. So delicious.

If you've never made your own orange julius, I suggest you start now. All it is is: OJ concentrate, ice, sugar, vanilla, and water. Shove it all into your blender and be amazed at what comes out. Just make it to taste, you can add and blend again as long as there's still room. It's so much better than counting on the underpaid teen at Orange Julius to remember to throw the sugar in, and I'm pretty sure they don't put vanilla in theirs. It totally changes the taste.

Last night we had Beef Stroganoff. I followed the recipe pretty closely minus letting it simmer, covered for 30 minutes. a.) I don't have a cover big enough for the massive skillet I used, and b.) we were starving, so we just had it a little thinner than the recipe has you make it. It was SO good.

Tell me you don't want to eat that.

Also, the other day I found this mini-french bread roll thing at Macey's and couldn't resist experimenting.

toasty toast!

Each one has a little bit of my poor man's pesto on it (butter, basil, garlic powder) and I broiled them for like 4 minutes give or take. They're really good at keeping Casey's stomach entertained while he waits for dinner to be ready.

I forgot to take pictures of my chicken paninis the other night. I apologize. They were awesome. If I believed in idol worship, I would so totally pray to the God of Sourdough factories so I could get more sourdough loaves in my house.

Case in point: I love food. So very much.

Also, I babysat Olivia and Dante again yesterday (two days a week every week now!) and they decorated foam crowns with foam paint and jewels. highly recommended, expect it turns out if you don't wash the paint immediately, it's permanent. Sorry, Renee! Ah!

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