15 February 2011

domestic life

I really like the domestic half of my life.The work half is not so great, but today I have a few personal triumphs.

Firstly, I finished Mockingjay. The above would be my reaction to it. It was a great series, don't get me wrong, but the ending... was not what I would have written for it.

Secondly, I hung some stuff!

For the record, I fully intend to change the picture of me on the right to a wedding picture once I get a good one blown up. Wall of me seems selfish.

Then only technically today because it was so late last night when I got off work, I made STEAK FAJITAS! A nice (late) Valentine's dinner.


Casey liked them. I did too, and I also loved the smothered steak burritos we made the night before.

I just wanted to show off a little. I love FOOD!

No real blogging here, just a little self-indulgence I guess. After all, Casey gets home sooner than later and I need to think of something else awesome to eat.


  1. UM THANK YOU!!! i just finished Mocking Jay like 2 weeks ago and was TOTALLY humf about the ending... i mean really?!?!?! It is not like it is a true story, I guess I can see that the author was trying to make you feel Her, or something, but I was a pretty bumbed... it like ended so feelingless i guess... haha anywho I love food too... and i love that pretty much overtime i see you we include food in our bbffe relationship :) Hope all is well and still feel bad i missed ya last time i was down there.

  2. I have to agree, the ending of Mockingjay was indeed lacking...something. Love ya!

  3. I think I made the exact same faces at the ending of mockingjay!