20 January 2013

A Week in Pictures

Wherein I continue the tradition of taking a picture per day, preferably a picture that encapsulates the day.

Last week I posted on Friday and I used a picture of the room where I was interviewing, but this picture is way better. I made a downhome southern meal using our new deep fryer--fried chicken, beans, and mac-n-cheese.

Saturday I did some homework, and in the evening we cleaned up the apartment and the Kings came over for games and lasagna.

Sunday was pretty chill, up until I brushed my teeth in the evening and a nice chunk of my tooth fell out...

Monday I was on campus all day long and it felt like we stayed up forever. Casey was reading and I was doing... I don't remember exactly what.

Tuesday was a gross day (slushie-snow, among other things) and my first day teaching with Adri at the middle school. It was scary. I caught a girl on campus using the scroll appropriately.

Wednesday was a nice day, the middle school was still scary though. I held the training meeting for the Spanish Lab volunteers, which went really well. A perfectly pleasant day from beginning to end.

Thursday we realized we hadn't cleaned up most of the week. So Casey was wonderful, as always.

Friday I only had to go on campus for one class, so to celebrate in the afternoon, we say Skyfall. Then we ate Chinese food. Sooooooooo good.

Saturday we had a pretty lazy day. I played a lot of Portal (beat the first game) and then we realized that Argo was playing in Idaho Falls and practically ran out the door.

Sunday (today!) I am sick (lovely!) but we went to church anyway and I got lots of sympathy from friends. I came home and a couple of people brought me herbal teas, cough drops, medicine, and chicken soup. Casey played some Ticket to Ride with me.

That's my exciting week... Anybody do anything fun?


  1. Chelsea and I went to Tucanos. So...yeah, we DID do something fun. Take that.

    1. Consider that taken. I love Tucano's except for the part afterwards when my stomach feels all explody.

  2. Last Sunday, I went to the Universalist Unitarian church with my roommate Sara so I could join her and two other friends for a drag brunch in an a part of DC called Adams Morgan. I had my first (and possibly last) Virgin Mary. Monday, I went back into DC by myself and had a blast on a spending spree at the Banana Republic and the Gap: I got a $150 blue pea coat for $30. WIN! Tuesday through Thursday were boring and uneventful. I had class from 9 AM to 5 PM on Friday. And yesterday I went shoe and grocery shopping.

    I like that you got to Skyfall and Argo in one week. I haven't seen either of them. But Adele's song is pretty amazing--her voice more than the lyrics though.

    Also I was confused by the "Kings coming over" to play games: I thought you meant the hockey team for a second.

    1. Way to go, Allan!

      I agree with you about the Skyfall song--Adele's voice is why it's good. You NEED to see Argo. I really really hope it gets Best Picture.

      Also, by the Kings, I totally meant the basketball team. Or our friends, whose last name is King. :)