10 November 2012

Spain!, or How Literature is Taking Over My Life

I would way rather write a blog post than an essay right now. So here goes!

School is going pretty well, a couple of my classes are harder than last semester, but I'm learning a lot, so it's not so bad. Hey, the value of education, right?

Today I cleaned out our fridge. I won't tell you how long some leftovers had been sitting in there... it's not pleasant.

This week I felt kinda sick and skipped a couple of classes, but managed to pull myself together and get on campus so I wouldn't fall behind. My Culture class won't meet for the next two weeks to giev us plenty of time to write our case studies. I interviewed Adrianna already, and I have a portion of the paper done. I have to type up what she said, orgainze it into themes, and analyze, analyze, analyze.

My term paper for Spanish Literature is due on Thursday. My paper will be awesome... once I actually write it. It's on the book DoƱa Perfecta, which I didn't like reading but I really like reflecting on. Especially because the book was published over 50 years before the Spanish Civil War and basically foretells it. Literature style. Also, the Inquisition, Muslims, Jews, and the Iberian Peninsula. (Hey! Now you kind of know what my thesis is–if you made any sense of that).

She may look nice but really she's just these guys:

Friday night the Writing Center had a bowling party, which was a blast! Beforehand, Casey and I went to grab some Jamba (too early for dinner, but we needed a snack) which was perfect because our dear friends the Burrells walked in shortly after we did. We tried to shame them for their upcoming move, but it's hard to shame when you're just so pleased for them... Caleb just got accepted to grad school in California. Yay friends! We had a lovely chat with them up until we left for the bowling excitement. Casey beat me the first game 125-115, and I beat him the second game 122-108. Bam! I think that was the first time I ever cracked 100 twice in a row. I'm getting better. :) It was great to see all of the writing center people outside of work (at least the ones who came...), especially Andilyn and her adorable little girl Evelyn who eventually learned to hug you after every time you bowl.

Thursday night I got home from the Spanish lab and about 3 minutes later our awesome friends the Kings came over with enchiladas in tow (which were DELICIOUS) and after a fantastic and filling dinner, we watched Twilight complete with the Rifftrax. It was an evening full of laughter (okay, hysterical laughter) and it's always great to hang out with them.

The rest of the past couple of weeks isn't too terribly interesting. I did get hired by my fourth department on campus, as I'll be taking over the Spanish Conversation Lab next semester where I currently volunteer two hours a week. I'm not going to lie, I'm really excited about this job, and I'm feeling especially blessed as this is the second time this semester I was approached out of the blue to take a job I wasn't expecting to have (the first time being my TA job, which accounts for two of my current departments).

Oh! Casey registered for the GRE. Yes, he wants to go to grad school, no we don't know where or what exact program he'll go into. Only time will tell.

Next week I'll basically be pouring over my homework and the essays I've been grading since the beginning of the semester. I'm almost done with this huge project! Huzzah!

If you need me, I'll be sucked into a computer screen.


  1. rather read your post than write my two essays.

    love the twilight rifftrax. I still remember when they made the comment about how they hadn't seen a villain that ineffective since that damn floating plastic bag in "American Beauty." I was so glad I got that reference. I was the only one laughing in the room though.

    1. I'm glad you can relate to my procrastination. I wish I could have you read my essay and help me make it better... but it's all in Spanish. Oh well.

      Yeah, our friends definitely didn't get that one, but that's okay. I like to laugh at it too. :)

  2. Huzzah! Clark has sworn he will never watch Twilight any other way. THE BEST EVER.

    And I have to admit that the only reason I clicked on reading your blog right away is because it had the Spanish Inquisition picture as the thumbnail. Otherwise, I'd've waited until tomorrow. Way to play to my weakness! ;)

    1. Muahahaa! I knew the Spanish Inquisition was a good choice for my thumbnail. I'm winning!