05 February 2013

Another Day, Another Post

For those of you wondering, my time lately has been consumed entirely by my two classes, two practicums, and the Oscars. But Brooke, you say, the Oscars aren't until February 24th! No, friends, they are not, but our annual goal of watching all ten Best Picture Nominees before the Oscars continues. We have three Best Picture Noms left to watch and we hope to see Flight as well. Casey and I are hoping to even have some posts leading up to the Oscars about said nominees.

For your viewing pleasure

And now, for something completely different. Random things I have learned over the last couple of weeks:
One. Bringing up Star Wars in a fifth grade classroom is begging for the entire hour to be disrupted
Two. Waiting until 15 minutes before a class starts to read everything a historian has written about Constantine will not work out.
Three. A room full of Mormons talking about the death penalty will inevitably devolve into a discussion of whether God wants people to die.
Four. Showing YouTube videos in Spanish does not constitute a full lesson plan.
Five. Grading tests for twelve hours in one weekend leaves you brain dead.
Six. There is something in the water because a lot of people I know are having babies. Like, daily someone I know announces they are pregnant and someone else I know has a kid.
Seven. People seriously don't believe that I'm 26. Apparently I still look 21.
Eight. Jennifer Lawrence has the opposite problem; we thought she had to be at least 27 after seeing Silver Linings Playbook but she's only 22.
Nine. Spanish is easier to teach than US History.
Ten. Casey and I spend too much money. Hello, budget!

That's what I'm up to and/or thinking lately. Any thoughts?


  1. I think US History is easier to teach than Spanish. :D

    1. How about teaching US History in Spanish?