11 January 2013

Week One!

I have used Excel more this week than I thought I ever would in my life.

The first week has been a little stressful because I spend a lot of time on campus, but really there's not a lot of homework. I'll probably survive. The homework I do have can be stressful, because I'm planning real-life lessons to teach to real-life students. 5th grade US History and a Spanish 102 class here on campus.

I've been trying to remember to take at least one photo per day, and always a photo that actually tells something I did that day.

Monday I spent a couple of hours in the empty Writing Center, e-mailing teachers, students, and whoever to help out in the Spanish Conversation Lab.

Tuesday I was in classes all day, and the best part of it all was when I got to finally sit down and eat before going back to the grind.

Wednesday I only have two classes on campus, and after I ran out of things to do, I walked home in the snow. I also busted my buns planning a lesson to teach to the Spanish 102 class first thing in the morning on Thursday. Oh! and I wrote an awesome blog post for BCC.

Thursday was our first day visiting the middle school and the 5th graders we're going to teach throughout the semester. I got a name tag to prove it and everything!

 Friday (today!) I'm interviewing people who want to volunteer in the Spanish Lab.

Tomorrow I will need a break... but I will probably spend most of the day reading for homework. Could be worse, I could have no volunteers and lots of homework.


  1. I like the idea of taking a photo for each day that encapsulates the day. It's clever. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. I'm with Allan,, love the photo a day thing. Keep up the good work and blogging! Love you!