20 June 2011

the Birthdays are over!

Who knew? Time flies when you're trying really hard not to turn 25.

Fortunately, this guy (see below) worked really hard to make sure I had a blast even though his initial plans fell through.

We look like we're having too much fun. :)

I started off the day with Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes:

And came home to these:

My husband is just wonderful. We had an awesome day and a great night and on Saturday we went to Ruby River and the Real Salt Lake game vs DC United. It ended a draw, but it was still tons of fun. I think the next game we're gonna go to is gonna be on July 4. Best way to celebrate independence day that I can think of. :)

And oh, the food!

Then Father's Day we hung out at my parent's house, my Dad spoke in church and then there were tri-tip and movies. Yum. All in all, good birthday weekend. See?


  1. You make me laugh! And one more time: Happy Birthday to you, I love you I do, Happy Birthday dear Broo-ooke! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Those flowers look gorgeous! Happy birthday to you both. :D

  3. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Hope it was great....it certainly sounds like it. :)