30 September 2012

Grading: September is Over

I'm not going to lie, grading papers is my new favorite thing.

This week I spent a ton of time on campus. Surprise! I'll bet you didn't see that one coming. The Writing Center feels less like training and more like a job now. We had our first viral explosion over at Expert Textperts when Casey was inspired to combine two of his favorite things: general conference and gambling. Ha! Our ward got moved into a new stake, meaning in two weeks we'll be in a real building and not a seminary building. I turned in my application for student teaching, the hardest part of which was my personal letter of introduction. I had 11 people look at it before I sent it in. The most critical of those was Brother Rock, the teacher I work for. After we discussed a number of changes, he admitted that even if I didn't make any changes it would be "better than most of the letters they'd see." I made the changes anyway, and Casey had the final look at it to help me with word choices.

I learned about family history, the Holy Eucharist, Francisco Goya, why Kronos ate his kids (it's cooler than you think!), el siglo de Oro (the Golden Century - which lasted two centuries...), mysticism, what it feels like to have a gurney run over your toes, and a number of other crazy interesting things.

Me, riding the gurney that ran over my toes.

School and my jobs are super awesome right now. The gurney incident took place when I went to help film an ad for the Writing Center, I'll post it when they've finished it.

Also, our laptop keeps threatening to die. Last night, we thought we had lost it. Casey's reaction, "I feel like my dog died." We're settled that as soon as it does die, we're getting a MacBook Air. 13 inch. I still want an iMac, but we figure that if and when Casey's huge desktop dies we can look into an iMac.

Other news... nothing! We're just trying to have all the fun we can whenever I have free time. In a matter of weeks I will have finished this book:

Looks like with all my literature and other classes I just might hit my goal of reading 30 books this year after all! Have an awesome week, people who actually read this!

Side note... did you know they have grad schools in Spain? Wouldn't that be amazing? Just saying.


  1. That book looks amazing. I want.

    1. You should get it. Maybe you'd want it in English though. I always have to look up terms before I talk to Casey about it...

  2. You know that Spain is falling into complete anarchy and riots, right?

    1. Even on the off chance that we did go, it would take a few years to be financially stable enough and junk. And I think we'd go somewhere for Casey to do grad school first. But in Spain, they are so cheap (like $1700-4000 for a Master's). Except for the NYU Madrid program, that one's insanely expensive. $45k for ONE year (although they discount it by 30% if you finish your Master's within that year)...