31 January 2011

fantastic weekend

So here I am, watching Lost, as per usual. The weekend is tragically over, Casey is at work and I'm dreading getting back to the grind in a couple of hours.

This weekend was wonderful! Our second awesome weekend in a row. Unfortunately I had to work Saturday day shift, which was a little crazy with the BYU basketball game and I got stuck there until about 5:15ish, which stank because Casey and I had an awesome night planned. He picked me up, we booked it home, I changed, and we went to Fat Cats for part I of our awesome night. There, we met Swan, his girlfriend, SamSam, Brett and Allan for bowling (Casey and I had never been bowling together, practically blasphemy in Provo, I know). Turns out my husband is a really good bowler. Like, for reals. Everyone else had to bowl for 2nd because he blew us all out of the water. It was SO much fun. :) After two games and Cory and Katy showed up to watch, we all went to me and Casey's apartment for Beatles Rock Band, Papa Murphy's pizza and some root beer. All in all we wound up having 14 people in our very tiny front room once Heather, Curtis, Clark, Natalia and JB all joined us. It was kind of awesome.

Sunday we rolled out of bed just in time to show up late to church and stay half awake through the three hours. I was hoping for a nap, but between Casey's home teaching, my visiting teaching, a walk, a quick visit to Grammie and Papa's to see Olivia, and mother-in-law Tauna here for dinner, I didn't get my nap until 7 or so. Then my parents and Maddy and Lars came over for a few minutes. All in all, a fairly busy day.

Seems like kind of a short post for such a fun weekend, but I'm distracted at the moment. Gotta get ready for stupid work soon anyway.

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