29 June 2011


I have always loved potstickers, and yesterday I stumbled on a recipe for them... I actually really like the site they're on, it's called Budget Bytes, this girl crunches all the numbers to know EXACTLY how much each recipe and serving costs. Check it out!

Hanging out by myself all day can be good and it can be very bad. I'm a lot better at doing things like P90X when I feel like no one is anywhere near about walking in on me. It also means that when I'm feeling a little lazy, I tend to let the lazy take over for about 4 hours.

Oh well, it's all just a part of life, right? At least I started doing plasma again, so I have some form of schedule in my life and cash flow for the groceries, since I keep making so much stuff. :)

Speaking of, it's about time to start folding the potstickers so I can eat them. :)

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