07 April 2011


It's getting nice and late and I am super tired. Desperate Housewives is nowhere near as entertaining as Lawrence and Julie & Julia was, even with the baby robbers, AA, and everything.

I'm never very good at Thursdays. Thursdays are the days that instead of either of us working during the day, Casey works from 1pm to 11pm. And I sit here waiting for what feels like days instead of hours for my amazing husband to come home to me. I miss him lots when he is gone. Coo coo gross love lovey dovey stuff.

Other note: today my sister helped me find sour belts. I LOVE SOUR BELTS SO MUCH. They were also selling Venus Fly Traps, I seriously considered buying one.

So, Meaty Manicotti went really well:

So did Chicken Fried Rice:

Maybe I'll come up with the good sense to give you recipes, but right now my husband should be somewhere within *hopefully* about 5 miles of me, and I'm dying to pour myself into bed with him. GOODNIGHT!

Also, I'm super excited about going to California next week. Excellent.

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  1. Hey Brooke! I love reading your blog, fyi. :) I won't see you Thursday, but my house will. Love ya! Wish we were going to see you, but I think we will sometime this summer. I'm actually coming up your way in June...