28 January 2011

fridays are not what they used to be

I must REALLY love my husband. You see, the man works from 2pm until 10:30pm Monday through Friday (could be worse, it used to be Wed-Sunday). The point I'm making here is my Friday nights are SO BORING. I either work, or I sit at home and wait for him like a lost puppy. I never would have accepted this in past times. When I was at BYU-Idaho right after my mission, I was out EVERY NIGHT (unless I had visitors) even though I worked custodial at 4am Monday through Saturday. I hope he knows the sacrifice I'm making here.

Maybe I'd go out more often, but gas just went up 9 cents and I'm feeling a little depressed about the fact that I forgot to fill up my huge stupid gas tank 2 days ago when it was $2.70 instead of $2.79.

I can't even make dinner because I know what he wants to eat and it can only be got at Iggy's and we can only go once he gets home. It's a little depressing that I'm almost certainly going into Iggy's when I spent a lousy 6 hours there this morning and I'll spend a lousy 4 hours there tomorrow. I guess it's not too terribly lousy. After all, I do get paid. Kind of. Bad tippers suck.

I made Casey co-author of the blog, but he insisted last night that he had NO IDEA what to write. I told him to write about the day. He informed me that I had already written the interesting things from the day. Oops.

Lost. Oh, Lost. Claire and her cute fat ball of baby boy make me just a little baby hungry. Sigh. All in good time, my friends. All in good time.

I do want to point out that I made my goal of getting married when I was 24. Did you not know I had that goal? Oh, well I did. I would have accepted marriage earlier, but I was in Argentina for 18 of my prime marriage aged months, and the Argentine men are not very attractive to me. i had to try very hard not to puke in my mouth many a time that they hit on me and my companions on the street. So anyway, I wanted to get married when I was 24. Really, there is no logic to my decision. The only reason for it is that my Mom got married at 24, and we're basically the same person (except she sings more alto and I sing more soprano) so it just made sense at the time. I never tried to place many particulars for what I expected in my husband though, because a part of me was always secretly afraid I'd be disappointed. For the record, I am not! Probably because I never had in mind too many particulars. Hahahaha...

It's almost sad sometimes, I think I'm hilarious, but I'm really a little crazy. Good thing Casey didn't have sanity as a priority on his list, because he would have been severely disappointed.

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