16 September 2012

Still Here!

The Walrath house has been an exciting place to be this summer seven-week break... We had the Ransoms stay overnight partway through their trip, we made some new friends in the ward, and we had the Cunninghams (of the Cory and Katy variety) stay a weekend on their way back to Provo from Seattle.

At the park with the Cory and Katy variety of Cunningham.

One very full week mid-August all the excitement was in Utah. Bishop Ashton was released and had an open house for all ward members (graduates like ourselves included - all the married people showed up with either "beards or babies"), Chelsea's bridal shower happened, we were able to go see Rifftrax Live: "Manos" The Hands of Fate, Brett and Chelsea's wedding day, Cody and Addy's Utah open house (they got married in Ca.), and my awesome brother's homecoming talk. As you can imagine, at the end of the day that Sunday when we rolled back into Idaho with a broken laptop and an empty radiator we were more than happy to fall into bed.

Casey and I were apart overnight for the first time this summer when I went to Orlando for my awesome friend JQ's long-awaited wedding. We went to Universal Studios (Wizarding World of Harry Potter!) and after the wedding I got to see the other Cunninghams, Eric, Emma, and Nora.

Hogwarts is real, guys.

With the radiator fixed and the laptop no longer too depressed to turn on its own monitor, I'm back in school and Casey, well Casey always works.

The first week of school was insane, a long week made for some stress, but it was relieved by starting not only the one new job I was expecting, but I was also offered a job TAing for one of my favorite teachers. The only class he teaches that I don't help him with is the one I'm taking.

That said, this semester is going to be crazy. I'm only taking 14 credits (compared to 19 last semester) but I'm working about 10 hours in the Library on campus (in the Writing Center) and about 10 as a TA. At least I can grade papers at home...

Don't worry, soon enough I'll get back to what you all want to see...


  1. Hey, we have that same "What to eat" thing on our fridge!

    1. Funny story... When we hung out with Allan for the last time while you guys were honeymooning, I saw it on your fridge. So I went to the website and bought one. :) I already had a couple of their products that I found at a mall so I had been planning to go check out their junk anyway, but your What to Eat thing pushed me to do it.

  2. I enjoyed your update, very exciting break indeed! Love you doll!