25 July 2012

One Down, Four to Go.

Last Friday, I kissed school goodbye for seven weeks. I love this long break.

I won't brag about all my accomplishments this semester, but I do want to brag a little. After all I did take 19 credits and I totally kicked its trash.

History and Philosophy of Education - the class has already been removed from I-Learn (why?!) but with I think 3 exceptions in the whole semester, I got 100%s.
Advanced Grammar in Languages - I got a 91% on the final project. I spent all of 2 hours on it.
Intro to Spanish Lit - 92% on the final essay. 100% on the final exam (which took me 15 minutes).
Religion - memorized The Family: Proclamation and got all the points possible reciting it.
Child Development - my final project received 200/200 possible points. I got a 101% on the last test.
Intro to TESOL - got 100% on my Teaching Philosophy paper (basically a cover letter to future principles, administration, etc.) and the teacher's note said, "You're hired!"
Spanish Cultures and Civilizations - 100% on the semester-long project, 100% attendance, 98% on the final exam.

Bragging over. If I were to make a point here, it would be that with mental fortitude, you can do ALL THE THINGS!

Also, it helps when you have an awesome husband who is super patient when you get super stressed.

In other news:


His knees basically don't work anymore, doctor's diagnosis is "overuse." Get well soon, buddy!

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