15 April 2012

The Walraths have Landed!

It has certainly been an eventful few days, Friday feels like it was ages ago.

Casey and I (with the help of friends and family!) loaded our U-Haul on Friday afternoon (only after Chels and I hit up the Bijou Market - if you ever have the chance you should go!) and had a nice party complete with pizza, peach lemonade, and even a couple of going-away presents (thanks guys!). I admit, I was surprised at how many of you made it out to say goodbye, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Saturday morning we loaded up Casey's car with the remaining items and hit the road. The drive was easy and uneventful, and upon our arrival we were pleasantly surprised to find we could back up the U-Haul and drop the loading ramp right at our front door! Barnes came to help us unload (thank you Barnes!) and the three of us had it unloaded in less than an hour.

The unpacking of course, has been just a little more complicated...

We bought a few necessities at Walmart and Broulim's, including a shower rod and curtain, jasmine rice, and select foods to get us through this weekend. The shower curtain selection was pretty limited... almost as if the entirety of Rexburg moved in this weekend...

Oh! The apartment is great! I will take and post pictures when we clean up from the hurricane that seems to have passed through.

Our first Sunday here found us relieved to be able to sleep in, as church starts at 1. The ward is great, and we even made friends!

Isn't it funny how asking other couples to hang out is just as awkward seeming as asking someone cool out on a first date? "So, uh... if you guys want, we could totally hang out sometime..."

Basically, I think we're going to be really happy here. The ward is great, the apartment is big, and we feel right at home. If you ask me, it just goes to show - when you trust in the Lord, he takes really good care of you.

Now for school...

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  1. I hate, hate, asking couples to hang out. It truly is awkward. Even if I try to not make it awkward! Ugh. That's right on the list of things I can't fix.

    Please update regularly! Now that you're so far away, I have to get my Brooke fix in somehow!