29 April 2012

Text-Based Tour

Isn't it nice to have a place you can call your own? I absolutely adore our new place. And now that we have cleaned it up and most of the boxes are hidden, I took pictures! You may or may not have already seen them on facebook, but here's the virtual, text-based tour.

You walk up to a door.

> Open door, go north.
You enter the door and enter the living room. You look west.

> Take picture.
You take a picture.

You see a fruit bowl, chair and pillow.
> Turn around, take picture.
You turn around and take another picture.

You see a picture, diploma, and the same pillow.
> Take diploma.
You enroll in an online university. You may take diploma in 4 years.

> Go north.
You continue north through the spacious apartment. There is a kitchen to your left and a closet to your right.

> Open closet, take picture.
You open the closet and take yet another picture.

You see laundry soap and a mismatched washer and dryer.
> Take washer.
It's too heavy. You need Elders Quorum for that.

>Look at kitchen, take picture.
You look at the kitchen and take yet another picture.

You see knife set, bumper sticker and kitchen aid.
> Use Kitchen Aid.
You use Kitchen Aid. It is an awesome appliance.

> Go north.
You continue north, pass a bathroom, and find yourself at the end of a hallway with two doors. One to the right, one to the left.

> Open left door.
You open the door on your left. You have stumbled upon a bedroom.

> Take picture.
You take a picture.

You see pillows, BYU blanket, and blinding window.
> Use drapes on blinding window.
Sorry! You don't have that item.

> Try right door.
You turn around and open the other door at the end of the hallway. You see a desk, guitars, and a mess.

> Take strategic picture of the desk and guitars without capturing a mess.
You place yourself in such a way that the picture shows none of a mess.

Well done! You can hardly see that there is a mess.
> Go back to kitchen.
You return to the kitchen.

> Make dinner for friends.
Your new friends come over to enjoy Asian cuisine in your new apartment. Megan brings egg drop soup and bread.

> Use beef, rice and veggies.
You make Beef Fried Rice.

> Take picture.
What is with you and pictures?

> Eat dinner.
You enjoy a delicious dinner with new friends.

> Study.
You do homework for the entirety of a Saturday morning.

> Take picture.
Seriously, last one.

You have burrito, laptop, and empty Snack Pack.
> Use burrito on homework.
You can't do that.


  1. Hahaha, blinding window. Looks like a great place!

    1. Thanks, Natalia! We love it. :)