20 March 2012

Brief Update!

This is the part where I skip my apology for forgetting to post again, and get on with a post. The last couple of weeks have been insanely busy, and it's all my fault:

You see, now that the show is over *sadface* I finally have a little bit of free time.

So far, my free time today has been spent sitting around in pajamas ordering most of my textbooks through amazon. The only ones I did not order are the ones I can get cheaper from the Bookstore when I get to Rexburg.

Highlights of the past couple of weeks:

  • The show of course!
  • We put down a deposit on an apartment!
  • I'm all set and registered for classes!
  • We both ate out almost every day!
That's pretty much it, with the exception of Amelia's baby blessing in Bountiful a week ago. She's so cuuuuuute!

And now we have counted up our remaining time in Utah only to find that between now, General Conference, and our moving date, we only get to teach our adorable 6 year olds two more times. *moresadfaces*

So, for people in and around the area, when should we have our moving away party?

I apologize that despite the title, this post actually has nothing to do with briefs.


  1. Odd that "Tangled" is considered Broadway . . .

  2. I thought the same thing...but also, it's not like it won't happen.

  3. Think less actual broadway and more musical review. And Allan is right, it could happen!