10 May 2011


Life is always so stinking complicated, isn't it? I don't mean to say that my life is all that hard, it certainly isn't right now. I've really had it easy, especially since I got married. Somehow, just having Casey around makes life a lot easier to deal with. Despite the loss of my two decent jobs (and maybe a little dignity with that), denial from yet another university, and a lot of frustration of what we should do and where we should go, I don't think I could be handling it better. I just know that when Casey is around, everything is fine.

Mother's Day. What a great day. Our church moved to 1pm, which kinda stinks, but gave us the morning to relax. When I woke up he informed me that there was something on my phone, so I scrolled through all the screens to see what could be new. I needed more hints, and he was happy to oblige, eventually guiding me to Evernote (great app) where he had written me a note about how much he loves me and such. :) At the bottom, he also noted that I should go look under the floor mats in his car...

Portal 2! So far, I'm loving it. :) Of course, this is probably the only time I'll get a video game for Mother's Day, but it's an awesome gift.

Mother's Day is kind of a funny holiday. Women worldwide have to face this ridiculous holiday, many unmarried, more childless. Many with children who probably don't appreciate it and others with children who ruin their Mother's Days with embarrassment, thoughtlessness and disobedience (I'm still sorry for that year Mom). I always wanted to know why there wasn't a Kid's day too (there is in South America, can we get that action up here?) and I was dying to know what made Mothers so special. Actually, between Nat the Fat Rat and Desperate Housewives (okay, and my own Mommy too), I'd like to think I've learned a little bit about motherhood in the last few months. I know that motherhood makes you crazy and it's hard and it is a full-time job unlike any other. I also know that I've never been so grateful for my own Mother in my whole life.

There you have my Ode to my Mother. Love you Mom. I'm so glad I get to grow up just like you.

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  1. I'm playing catch up on your blog today. Thanks for this post. I loved it and I love you more than you know (someday you will understand that...).