30 April 2011

air hockey and other things

This week has been pretty great, especially the last couple of days. Thursday was the height of boredom, as was to be expected. Desperate Housewives made up for it with a couple of references to the Colts and/or Peyton Manning (my flavorite NFL team and QB).

Friday night I had to repent and take Casey to Red Iguana! If you've never been and live in the greater Salt Lake area, this is your call to repentance! Go now! It is the best mexican food in the state, no contest. Some people will tell you the Blue Iguana is better. Know now - THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!

Casey liked it.

After dinner we hit up the theaters and saw Source Code. imdb.com gives it a measly 74/100, but rotten tomatoes gives it a fresh 90%. I'm definitely leaning more towards the rotten tomatoes score than the imdb one. For a chunk of it you don't know what's going on, but it's done very artfully. Jake Gyllenhaal is spot on and you can't help but love what happens. Good action, explosions, and story line.

Today we were pretty lazy, pretty much all we did was watch TV.

After a bum morning, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Macey's, and then back home to make dinner for us and the Paniaguas. Krystal was one of my mission companions and they just moved their little family from sunny Southern California to 2-3 inches of snow on the ground this morning. (Remind me to kill the weather here). We had Sweet Stir Fry (I forgot to take a picture, but maybe I'll remember to snap a photo of the leftovers) and brownies and ice cream for dessert. A simple evening with friends, the best way to do it.

Luckily, I remembered to take a picture of the brownie.

The Paniaguas left around 8 to get little Sophia home to bed, and Casey and I were left with only one option: air hockey at Fat Cats. Okay, not our only option, but a great idea. We had a blast (even though Casey beat me both games) and played pool as well (which of course, I won being more sophisticated and not relying on dumb luck games to pull me through).

And here we are!

Our stake is getting reorganized tomorrow. Kinda stinks that after this church will be from 1-4 pm and clear up by the Riverwoods. Oh well.

Have I mentioned that my husband is the best? No? Well, he is. You should know.


  1. How on earth does everyone but me and Clark already know where they're meeting and at what time? We keep trying to double check information on lds.org but it still lists us in the BYU 114th Ward and has no new information. (Luckily, we visited our "booth" after the multi-stake conference this morning, but still!)

    Oh, and the funny part is that now we're meeting in the building right next to Alta. :)

  2. You are a funny, creative and entertaining writer, Brooke. Thanks for sharing some of your life. Love ya!