05 April 2011

lost thoughts

Oh the agony! I realized on Saturday that one of my most precious things has gone missing. My journal that I have been writing in since June of 2010 has gone missing. My journal documenting the courtship, the engagement, and the wedding. My journal complaining about the heat and the cold. My journal containing the letters Casey wrote me to read every day I was gone on the Oregon/Washington/California/drive-the-101 trip. My journal containing the little piece of paper with the things Casey told me he loves about me when he proposed. My journal that has to be the coolest looking of my journals so far...

My journal with my contact information in various places, particularly the inside front cover, so when something like this happens, it can be returned to me promptly! It has not as yet been returned to me, and most certainly not in a prompt manner.

The weekend was not so terrible aside from that, but it made me a very distraught woman indeed through all of Saturday. My spirits were lifted briefly by my wonderful husband who loves me so much and also by the shirt I bought at Forever 21 for a mere $7.90 before tax.

I'm getting a little anxious for our California trip. My cousin offered us her place to stay at a couple of weeks ago and I have not talked to her since. I'm praying lots for warm weather on the 15th so I can go to the beach.

I really should be getting in the shower right now so I can leave for work on time, but for some reason it's not very appealing getting out of bed after my Casey love has left for work. But on the other hand, it's almost impossible to sleep once he is gone for the morning. It's a good thing I have jobs, or else I might lay here all day, anguishing over lost journals and working husbands.

I really should start writing things down por las dudas. If my journal doesn't turn up, I am going to be super upset. Although, there is always hope. My sister's precious art portfolio disappeared in 2006 when my familia moved out here to Sandy, and we thought it'd never turn up. I turned up a few months ago when they moved back out here. Crazy things do indeed happen!

Also, I am very proud of myself for cleaning a fair amount of my apartment yesterday after I came home from cleaning a fair amount of the condo up in Park City. I didn't sweep or mop though 'cuz I was so sick of having already done those things up northeast of here. I meant to vacuum, but it's okay that I didn't, because the NCAA National Championship basketball game started, although after having watched it, we both wished we hadn't. What a royal waste of advertising space. Frankly, if I were UConn, I wouldn't be proud of winning this one. That was borderline pathetic. My first March Madness ended with a fizzle rather than a bang, even though I totally ended with more points and a higher ranking on espn.com than Casey. 92.7 percentile!

Anyway. Is it spring yet?

We appreciate your patience, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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