08 March 2011

kitchen's log

So, despite protests from a certain Greek on a very strict lent diet right now, I'm afraid I can't resist sharing some more food with you guys. Apparently, food is popular. This would be my Butter Chicken Curry from last night, complete with rice and salad (to pretend I eat healthy for my Mom, who reads my blog... I actually eat fairly healthy though, I kid I kid). It was divine. A little spicy, as indian food tends to be, but sooo good.

I dare you to resist this, Greeks.

It was so good in fact, that my rather full husband got a bit exhausted and crashed on the couch while I finished the dishes. Okay, it wasn't just the good food, it was also the new schedule at work. We wake up at 5:10 am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays now. Fortunately, he likes it much better than swing shift (and so do I), so we're all happy. And admittedly tired.


Then while I made the muffins for the next morning (forgot to take pictures, they're from a just add water package anyway, so who cares?), Casey insisted on taking my picture. :P

You can put the camera away now, love.

Today was good, waking up a challenge, but the blueberry muffins we woke up to were totally worth it. I like watching my tired husband try desperately to wake himself up that early, he's so cute when he's tired. But yeah, tonight when I got home from class, it was LASAGNA TIME!

Bask in it's baked glory!

All in all, a successful day, and good food all around. I just used the recipe off the box for the lasagna, I'll use a little more sauce next time though. Not quite as good as the Manicotti I make from the box recipe. But the corn helps. I love corn. I could eat corn every day. Especially sweet corn. Canned veggies are so good. Canned meat... not so much. But hey, when I absolutely have to be eating meat out of a can due to troubled times and such, I'm sure I'll have a decent recipe for it. :)

Oh! Almost forgot, I picked up some frames at IKEA today (LOVE that place), and I have some hack plans for one of them. If it turns out, there will be pictures.

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