14 February 2011

a Valentine's sentiment or two

It's actually Anna Howard Shaw Day! And, as my Greek friend remembered to remind me via text this morning, the 82nd anniversary of the St. Valentine's day massacre!

I think a small part of me still hasn't quite gotten past the feeling that Valentine's Day is a terrible day invented to make singles feel their shame, but it makes me want chocolate and flowers in a way I've never experienced on a holiday like this before. Usually I make myself a cake, watch some terribly gritty and/or crude movies, and stay inside. ALL DAY. Being that I have to work tonight and I have a good husband, I've already left the apartment and plan to again. I'm definitely leaving my past feelings of the day behind me. And even without chocolates and flowers (I'm not sure Casey knows how to shop for either of those things), it's been a great day. We went on a Valentine's date on Saturday to Johnny Carino's up in Sandy (*drool* Italian Nachos.... aggahahahagaga...), and today we had lunch at Mimi's Cafe. He bought me Mockingjay (so I can finish the Hunger Games series probably by tomorrow night) and framed his favorite poem with a Carl Bloch etching to put on display in the front room. I had our marriage certificate framed (it looks a lot better now than the poor little curled up thing that lived in my sock drawer for the first 3 months of our marriage) and I intend to hang it in our room tonight or tomorrow (probably not until I finish Mockingjay, my attentions are rather focused on the book at the moment).

All in all, Valentine's Day is not so bad as I've always forced it to be. I'll not pain everyone by reliving the famous terrible Single's Awareness Day worst date ever of 2007 that I hated so much, or the Day the Cake I made was Eaten by Everyone Else and Not Me of 2006.

I'm a rather dramatic person, aren't I? Well, now that I'm losing track on my post and my paper is edited for tomorrow and the book calls to me to read before work (reaaaaad meeeee! reeeeeaaaaaaaaad meeee!), I think I'll do that.

See? Book and snuggie. It's all a girl could ask for!

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  1. My favorite part of this post was your sound effects for the Italian Nachos. :)

    Happy Day of Love!