28 February 2011


As you can imagine after seeing the results from last night's Oscars, I'm a little distraught. Ugh. The King's Speech shouldn't have won Best Picture, Colin Firth shouldn't have won Best Actor, and while maybe Melissa Leo shouldn't have won Best Supporting Actress, the first F-bomb in Oscar history was pretty epic. Especially when Christian Bale got up for Best Supporting Actor and promised not to say the F word too.

Fortunately, there are some things you can always count on from famous people. Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton looked crazy, James Franco and Anne Hathaway cross-dressed, Hugh Jackman looked hot, and a bunch of people used more time than they had for their speeches and got music'd out.

I can't really think of anything else to say Oscar-related.

Life is good. I quit my job, and I'm officially the nanny to my two youngest 1st cousins on either side, Olivia and Dante. They are a total crack up. Today Olivia got up from her nap while I was watching Family Feud, and I got to explain the rules to her. By the triple score, Olivia was shouting out her own answers. My favorite was her response to "What should a woman change after a divorce?" Olivia's resounding answer was "Her beautiful dress!!"

Good times with the crazy kids.

Random, Danny Elfman wrote the theme for Desperate Housewives. I definitely don't know that because I'm watching the 3rd episode in a row right now. I like Danny Elfman.

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