01 February 2011


Babysitting is a really silly word. Like, who came up with that? I don't want to SIT on a baby. Especially such a cute one like Keslie. Yesterday my lovely dearest friend Aubrie texted me about getting some lunch today and doing her a favor, so I agreed to lunch and told her I'd do the favor, especially if she needed a babysitter. And she did! So for about an hour and a half this morning it was just Keslie and me. She was soooooo good, except she didn't want to drink her whole bottle. Silly girl.

She's SO flippin' cute.

Aubrie got back and we ate at Iggy's, which was kind of fun, sitting and chit-chatting with Mark, Leah and Aubrie, and Leah fawning over Keslie. Casey came by on his way to work so we could be cute and stuff for a minute. I missed him this morning.

Other than that, my day has been fairly boring. Printing, barely staying awake in class, and parking next to idiots that park over the line. Partly because I have to and partly because I rreeeeeeaaaallllllyyy wanted to park as close to their driver door as possible because they deserve it for parking so poorly.

In other news, my Spanish teacher is super crazy. At the end of EVERY class, we all have to turn to each other and say, "Wait, which assignment did she say is due next?" And she calls herself "la bruja." Which, for those of you that don't understand Spanish, that means "the witch."

Aubrie and I talked a lot about marriage when she got back to her baby this morning. It was so cute how much she had missed her sweet baby when she was only gone for an hour and a half. We talked about how everyone told us marriage was hard and neither of us find it very hard. Sure, there are minor disagreements, and neither of us have been married over a year, but it just hasn't been all that bad. She says Brady could probably never yell at her ever. I'm pretty sure Casey is incapable of yelling at anyone ever. Between us being crazy about our hubbies and them being bad yellers, I think the four of us (five if you count Keslie) will probably be happy for a long time.


  1. Being married was an easy transition for us too! Having kids is what really turned our world upside down!

  2. Brooke- come on! We need more pics of the adorable baby girl!!! ;) I'm glad everything is going so well for you guys! I absolutely love being married to my best friend too- he is soooo good to me!!!!