07 February 2011

another successful weekend

I have to apologize first off, because I have been incredibly lazy for the past few days. Right after my last post, I thought of like 50 things I could blog about, but then I thought, "Oh, well I just barely posted. I'll write later!"

So here I am, 4 very jam-packed days later.

Since my last post, my "big little brother" as I call him (I used to call him baby brother, but it's hard to say "baby" to a 6'5" beast of a brother. Especially when you found out recently that the doctor says his growth plates are still open... we'll see how tall that sucker gets) took 1st in the regional wrestling tournament for the 215 lb weight class. Woo! It was a pretty intense match, and Lars was also awarded the outstanding heavy weight wrestler of the tournament. :)

Friday I knew I'd be bored at home so I went north with Casey and spent the day at my parents' house. It's nice how I only really watch TV when I'm in Draper. We watched 30 Rock, Community, and a few other things. If nothing else, I was terribly entertained.

Saturday we were gonna wake up early and check out the Carl Bloch exhibit and maybe do other stuff too, but Casey woke up nice and early for a soccer game and then crawled back into bed and let me sleep like a baby until 11:15, just enough time to whine a bit and go to work. Work is getting progressively harder to deal with. A year and a half of dealing with the same people, same crap, same menu, and same weirdness is starting to get to me.

Superbowl Sunday!

I was a little disappointed that the Packers won, mainly because that meant Casey won bragging rights, but he proved to just be a good husband some more once we got back home afterwards. I kinda had a headache by the time we got home and he got me some IB profen and a drink of water and read some scriptures to me before snuggling me into a nice nighttime coma. My husband is the best.

I'm not very entertaining right now. This was more informational than entertaining at all. Maybe I'll think of entertaining things later.

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