11 February 2011

In which Casey sets the record straight

The behind-the-scenes aftermath of Brooke's last post was gruesome. It devolved into a heated debate over which of us was "the good one" that culminated in enough saccharinity to make an LDS promotional-films editor say "whoah, too much".* So to set the record straight, I want to be clear that I'm nowhere near as awesome as Brooke implies. Here are the facts: In the winter I wear the same three nearly-identical sweaters all the time. I insist on the archaic pronunciation of the word err (ur) just to annoy my wife. I've voted for two Democratic presidential candidates. I make a mess whenever attempting to help with cooking. I always park my car crooked. I read sports blogs obsessively. I put my shoes on the living room table.

Thus you can clearly see the case against Casey. Not to denigrate myself; I just want to dispel any notion that I'm some kind of √úbermensch of a husband. Nope, just a decent guyslashnewleywed with an admittedly chiseled jaw trying to do the best I can.

This is the part of the blog post where I put my wife in a pedestal. Well, since you're reading this and probably know Brooke there's really no need to do so (okay just a little: my wife is incredible and the best thing that's ever happened to me). Brooke is the kind of person to whom people are drawn, but she has flaws. Her antipathy towards bacon, her listening to Ke$ha, the way she <Ed. - please replace with more family-appropriate content>.**

The most difficult and most rewarding part of marriage, and I would know after a whopping four months, wouldn't I? .... is that the person I've married is a rounded individual with all the baggage that entails. And thank goodness! That's what makes it fun, keeps it interesting. And I love the Brooke I know now even more than the one I got engaged to and more than the one I first married, even as I learn more about her and as we both continue developing. And that's the final word.

*As an aside that has nothing to do with the main post, I prefer British-style punctuation with the parentheses inside the period (or full-stop, amirite?). It just looks better. Harumph.

**Just kidding. My wife never <Ed. - No no no no no you can't post that on a family blog>

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