10 February 2011

are you sure it's Thursday?

Is it just me, or does time go a lot faster than it used to? Honestly. These last two weeks especially have flown by. I'm at the end of Thursday for Pete's sake.

I love love love the Jimmer'd scriptures currently floating around the internets.

My big little brother was amazing today. He's the second place wrestler in the state of Utah in the 215 weight class! Kinda sucks, cuz he beat the #1 kid last week, but Lars was seriously amazing today. Even though you could tell he was completely exhausted, he wouldn't just give in, he fought a good fight.

I've been thinking lately about things I love about my husband, and I'm realizing that it's pretty much everything he's ever done. I always tell him he's a good husband, and he always responds, "You make it easy." He always tries to turn it around on me like I'm the good one, but I'm the selfish brat he drags to bed or he lets sleep in an extra hour because I'm just a bum and apparently I'm cute when I sleep. My husband went late to work today to support me and my brother. He does everything! (Batteries not included.) I'm excited to get my husband a couple of Valentine's Day gifts tomorrow. Yay! One is paid for and finally finished, and one I just have to go buy. I love buying things for my husband. He a better gift-giver than me though. Oh well. I have always hated Valentine's Day anyways, this should be pretty much the first decent one I have.

To everyone who hates Valentine's Day the way I have for the last 24 years, Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

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