03 November 2012

October is Over

I have a confession to make... I am a lazy, lazy person. I'm wearing pajama pants right now. It's 4:14 pm. In fairness, my jeans are all in the dryer.

All that aside, I owe you all a month or so of information. So here goes.

We're going into week 9 of the fall semester, meaning there are only 6 weeks to go, and I will be done with this crazy semester!


All my classes are going pretty well, although I honestly think my Spanish Lit teacher makes his quizzes impossible on purpose. I am a very good student and yet somehow have never managed to score higher than a 93% on a quiz for his class. Catholicism is crazy interesting, Ed Psych is teaching me everything I need to know about the world (I highly recommend taking it from Sister McManus), Culture and Diversity is great (with the exception of all the reading), and Teaching Methods is more fun than I ever expected (at least on the days that we do practice teaching).

My jobs are great, I love TAing for Brother Rock and going to his World Foundations class. I love reading the weird answers people come up with for his quizzes. Before the section on Greek Mythology, I had no idea there were so many ways to spell pomegranate (it's a joke, because apparently 1 out of 45 people in that class knew how to spell pomegranate and everyone else made something up). The Writing Center clues me into what goes on in the minds of Freshmen, and I have a few regulars who love working on their papers with me (frankly, I kinda like them, too). Oh! And I got to be in a commercial the campus advertising department made for the Writing Center. If and when they ever post it, I'll share, promise.

The trip to Arizona was hard on my homework load and time management, but I am so glad we went. I would have seriously regretted not going. The funeral was beautiful, and I took this amazing picture of my mom at the gravesite.

My mom, saying her final goodbyes to her mom.
Unfortunately, somewhere between St. Johns, Arizona, and Rexburg, Idaho, (850ish miles of travel, FYI), I lost my driver's license, which was really great because in order to take the Praxis (which I was taking two weeks later) you must bring a government issued ID with your current name on it. The Pre-Professional Conference saved my behind and all my things to do were canceled for one magical morning, which I spent driving to Logan.

At least the Driver's License Divisions are WAY better than the DMVs.
Luckily, it was an easy in-and-out stop, so I got to sit down for lunch at Noodles & Co., a deliciousness in which Rexburg is severly lacking. My day was made on the way home when I took a wrong turn and found these:

That Coke isn't caffeine free... sinners.
The very next day, (after the Logan trip, that is), I took the Praxis and hopefully kicked it in the pants. I'll let you guys know if I have to retake it or not when I find out a week or two from now. Afterwards I was completely brain dead, so Casey took me to Buffalo Wild Wings to cure me using some good old-fashioned sensory overload.

Om nom nom.
The day after the Praxis, we had a small dinner party with some fantastic Hawaiian Haystacks (no pics, my bad) and even better company. Only Meg stayed afterwards to watch La vita é bella, which is just as good the second time around. FYI.

This week has been about the same as any other, I spend most nights whining about homework and dinner possibilities, but in the end we get fed and homework gets done. We did have a ward Halloween party on Monday, to which we took some delicious chili, cooked up by none other than Casey himself. I'm so proud, and it was a hit.

Good thing we were smart enough to put a little aside at home for later...
Spanish Lab now has their very own Scrabble board, so a few of us played for a little while.

SOMEONE kept trying to play bad words...
It was pretty rad, just sayin'. So if you're looking for Christmas ideas for me, I will totally accept any and all board games in their Spanish Editions.

So, in case you're looking for the Reader's Digest version, us Walraths are doing pretty alright. My only request would be for more hours in the night. Oh wait, I get that tonight! (Well, one extra hour... You can't have it all...) Happy end of daylight savings!

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