22 May 2012

A Food Week

Last week was a great week in the Walrath home for FOOD.

Not to brag, but I had a ton of success in the kitchen. Including my first successful attempt at fruit leather (3rd time's a charm), my first homemade loaf of bread (like sandwich bread, not banana bread), and Casey even had great success in the realm of pasta.

Tuesday the burgers were to die for.
Gerri and Jenea thought so. I think...
These apples were part of a team teaching lesson that Tina and I did in TESOL, and they later became apple chips.
This bread is to die for. Seriously.
Fruit leather! Strawberry with a little peach since some of my strawberries were dying.
Casey's pasta creation (we split the work about 50/50) with Bertolli sauce, spinach and tomatoes. :)
That was pretty much the whole of Tuesday and Thursday. I have not taken pictures of the cupcakes I made Sunday (oops) or the enchiladas but somehow we'll live.

Friday we had a bonfire with the Burrells, Eli was SO EXCITED to have hot dogs, all we had to do to keep her near the fire and out of the dirt road was tell her the hot dogs were coming and she had to come back over to get them. There was chili to make them chili dogs, cheese, chips, IBC Root Beer and Cherry Limeade, and Casey lost two whole dogs to the fire when his stick betrayed him and snapped over the flames. Pretty entertaining stuff.

Saturday I really just remember putting off my homework all day, which I may or may not have regretted a little come Monday, but we went to BWW down in Idaho Falls to watch the Champions League Final and then roamed the mall and Target. We had a lot of fun, but then we got home and I had to sit down and read my terribly boring Child Development book. Fact: it put me to sleep. Casey had to peel me off the couch and help me get into bed I was so exhausted.

Sunday I did my visiting teaching and the Bishopric came over to visit, earning them cupcakes, of course.

All in all, a pretty good week. Although I really need to remember to take more pictures of Casey and me. I have just one picture of the two of us since we moved in a month ago. That can be my challenge this week.

Take pictures!

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