18 October 2011

Prayer Rocks

Did you ever have a prayer rock? You know, those little stones that you paint at a church activity and take home to place on your pillow during the day to remind you to say night prayers and on the floor when you go to bed, to remind you to say morning prayers too? In theory, great idea. In actuality, they tend to breed resentment towards prayer. "Oh, gosh. Not the prayer rock again!" Often times I shoved them just a little under the bed or placed them out of sight so I wouldn't have to be reminded of what I felt I could get done on my own.

I can't even tell you how many times a prayer rock went forgotten in my room.

Part of the problem is that I get so easily distracted. I blame technology! Or my parents for ever letting me watch TV! Or you! I'll probably forget about that by the time I finish this post.

(Author's note: I am currently testing out the standing room at our now desk, once kitchen table. Funny how some things get repurposed when you don't have a kitchen.)

Right now, Casey and I are very much looking forward to a weekend away from everybody, right smack in the middle of a whole bunch of people. That's right, we're going to Vegas! I can't believe our first anniversary snuck up on us so quickly. But that's part of what is so wonderful about marriage: time doesn't seem to matter all that much anymore. The two and a half months between engagement and marriage took SO LONG, and the last year has absolutely flown by.

I should have done this marriage thing ages ago! Oh... ... anyways. Back to the post.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how easy it is to get caught up in facebook, my iPhone, television shows, or even just a lull in the day, but how hard it is comparatively to do anything productive. Any form of exercise is a looming impossibility over my head, reading my scriptures - I'll get to it tomorrow, I swear!, prayer is a quick mumbling or a thought right before I head out the door or right as my head hits the pillow. I had prayer rocks as a teenager, but I stubbed my toe on them so often getting out of bed that I began to resent rather than appreciate what they represent.

This world is so full of easy distractions that bring little to no gain or lasting pleasure. Everything is here and now and done and past. How often have I awoken, checked facebook and set down my phone only to reach for it 5 minutes later before I jump in the shower to make sure I didn't miss anything? I'm pretty sure I do that just about every day.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's about time to make the effort to change that. It's time to work harder and try more to be better, even if it's only by a small amount every day. Thomas S. Monson said once, "The future is only as bright as your faith." I truly believe that. Faith is not just belief, but action, and that's exactly what I intend to take.

Who's with me?

Also, happy 50th post!

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  1. My mission president's wife collected a bunch of rocks from the Oregon coast line, painted them black, and then stamped "Believe" in white letter across them. Everyone in the mission got one. I can't remember if I packed it and brought it with me or if I disposed of it when I moved. It wasn't a prayer rock--at least I don't think it was supposed to be--but that's what I thought of when you were describing prayer rocks.