31 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was pretty great, Casey and I hiked the Y on Saturday and now we have the battle scars to prove it. Okay, no actual battle scars, but my hamstrings did hurt the next day. We had a ton of fun, complete with faces:


We had a good time and the rest of our weekend was chock full of family and friend time. Saturday we celebrated, Sunday we celebrated, and Monday we finished it all off with an indoor barbeque with Cory and Katy. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, honeydew, and shirley temples for good measure.

Soooooo good.

So definitely a good weekend. Of course, now I'm back to the regular wait-around-for-Casey-to-get-home days. Yesterday as it was terribly slow at work he got home at like 3. It was awesome. I'm learning that you can't have those great days every day, but you should treasure them whenever they come. Like our 3 day weekends every weekend won't last forever, I'm sure, but for now I just have to remember how blessed we are to have them.

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  1. Holy crap that food looks amazing. I especially want the corn.