22 March 2011

wooden spoons

I must begin by apologizing profusely to my "avid" fans, I've been kind of a bum and may or may not have been putting off updates for the last week. On the bright side I didn't cook too much that was really noteworthy. Just red curry that we ate on I think Wednesday and the Pasta Salad that I made Thursday and we ate on Friday and Sunday. There was SO MUCH. And it was so good. Well, and then there are the meatballs, but they're still cooking. I don't do pictures without presentation.



Now this next picture is of utmost importance. Because you should all know that even I, Brooke Oveson Walrath, can make mistakes. This was a small baguette I bought at Macey's, cut into small bruchetta-like pieces, and doused in my poor-man's pesto. I put it in the oven on broil, and I let it sit for too long. It looks bad, but the bottom half was DELICIOUS.


So, I have a new job! It's at The Farm at Canyons, in Park City. I absolutely love working there. I've only had 4 days up there so far, but everyone is so stinking friendly and fun, it makes my job about a kajillion times easier than it was at Iggy's. Right now I'm not a server (gotta learn me some foods!) but I'm a Server Assistant and Hostess. Hostessing, although kind of boring, is a nice change from serving the crazies, and I'm glad for the break. If you ever wind up skiing at the Canyons, come see if I'm at The Farm. They know me there as Brooke 3. Yeah, that's right, three Brookes are working at The Farm. Best part is they all spell it with an E.

Water boiling! And now I depart to finish the Spaghetti and Meatballs meal for the evening, I'm starving after all. Making the little meatballs was sooooo tempting to eat them just raw like I do with cookies. Luckily for me I remembered before sticking one into my mouth that raw meat is very different from raw cookie dough. Random thought, cooking anything Italian always makes me want to use a wooden spoon. Am I alone in that?

Also, my Mom said maybe she'd be interested if I posted my recipes. Is she the lone sheep there or would anyone else like me to start posting them? I'm more than willing to do it, but not if no one wants them.


  1. I'd love your pasta salad recipes!

  2. Just post em all Brooke! WE ALL NEED YUMMY FOOD IDEAS at one time or another... ;)