29 June 2013

Life Goes On: June

I love June. It has always been my favorite for a number of reasons. My birthday, usually the end of a school year, the start of summer... this month brings back a lifetime of poolside memories, complete with opening presents. Who doesn't love opening presents?

Unfortunately, my grandfather Stephen Oveson passed away this June. I still love June, but this has been a rough one. We drove to Utah three weekends in a row. The first was Memorial Day weekend, the next weekend I returned to get Casey and we were able to be with my family the day that Papa died, and the third and final weekend was the funeral.

The viewing was on Casey's birthday; at the end of the night he apologetically announced, "I'm really sorry guys; next year I'll have my birthday somewhere else." I'm glad he's always able to lighten the mood. He keeps me in check.

One upside of the funeral: I was in Utah when I wouldn't have been otherwise, meaning I got to see one of my wonderful mission companions, Carolina! We ate mexican food, visited a hispanic market, and got all caught up.

Plus I actually had time to get my hair cut.


Our previously tentative move is no longer tentative (which if you read my facebook, you already knew), which means we will be heading to Las Vegas on August 19th so I can do my student teaching at Las Vegas Academy. I am already in contact with my mentor teacher, and she says we will be teaching Spanish 2 Honors and Spanish 3 Literature. I couldn't be more pleased about the way it all worked out.

For those who I haven't told (which is a fair chunk of you), shortly before I went to Vegas last month, my original school dropped me due to "unforeseen circumstances" (i.e. a bad combo of changes in their department + too many Spanish student teachers as I understand it). On the trip I visited yet another high school that had too many coming, and the coordinators tried to keep me updated every day of the trip. Then I came back to Idaho and I knew nothing until almost out of nowhere, I got the e-mail confirming my placement at Las Vegas Academy--a magnet public school for the performing arts. Everything I have heard so far is fantastic, and my mentor teacher seems really great, we have been emailing for the last week.

Oh! My birthday was weird. Getting old is weird. It's also apparently not cute for a twenty-seven year old woman to ask her class to sing happy birthday to her. Just kidding, I totally didn't do that. But I thought about it. Best birthday presents: Casey finally wrote our story from his point of view (huzzah!) and I'm going to type mine up and we're going to make a book (I'll finally get to use the book binder I got two Christmases ago!), and also I got a box full of goodies from my new friend Eva in Austria.

I sent her a bunch of goodies as well, plus a Book of Mormon!

We had our first ever garage sale last weekend and sold one of our bookshelves, forcing us to pack our first three boxes of stuff (specifically, books). We still have a long way to go until we're packed up, but as Allan said, "there was such hope in those three that you posted the picture of."

And here they are, full of hope.

This week I had to try out a wheelchair for my Special Education class. I definitely have better arm muscles than a lot of the other people who've done it, because everybody else complains at the end of the day about how badly their arms hurt, and I felt fine even though I went all over campus.

I look scared because I had only just started and didn't know how awesome I was yet.

Today we went to Mesa Falls (we're finally doing the cool stuff there is to do in Idaho) to soak up some sun. It was a hot but perfect day to go.

At the Lower Falls
The crazy Upper Falls
Us at the Upper Falls

Casey's job has been going well, even though he has to go to Utah on a more regular basis than I'd like. It's worth it though; ever since he quit working for his tech support job he has been less cranky, less stressed, and less angry at old people in general. It makes our life a little easier, and isn't that all you can ask for sometimes?

Only a few weeks (24 days) of coursework stand between myself and the next chapter. Here goes nothing.

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