14 May 2013

On Mothers

The other day in church, our Sunday School teacher started off with a pleasant greeting: "Happy Mother's Day to all the legit mothers, and the potential mothers too."

I laughed a little to myself and thought how funny it was that she differentiated using the word "legit", and next thing I knew, a lovely "legit mother" of two raised her hand and asked if she could make a quick comment. The teacher obliged, and this legit mom straightened out the facts.

She kindly pointed out that according to scripture, Adam called his wife Eve, "because she was the mother of all living" (Genesis 3:20). She continued to explain (and I'm paraphrasing here) that at this point in scripture, Eve had not yet given birth to any children, and yet she was addressed as mother. Therefore, all of the lovely ladies present were "legit mothers."

Now, this all may seem like a silly exchange, but it's one that struck a chord with me. I've always wanted to be a mother, and here I have this woman in my ward tell me I'm already there.

Many of you know already... I love the babies. Babies are the cutest creatures alive. I adore them.

Who doesn't love tiny people?

Many of you may know that I want to have babies. A select few of you know that Casey and I have been trying to have a baby for a little over two years now. Hardly anyone knows how hard this has been for me.

Moments like the one in Sunday School the other day are the moments that remind me of a few things:

1. There is nothing wrong with me.
2. There is nothing wrong with my husband.
3. I will have kids, whether they are my flesh and blood or if I have to go about it in other ways.
4. I have opportunities to be motherly now.

That's all. I had planned to share this piece of information with you in a much more dramatic post that I have been working on for months, but this seems much more apropos.

Now you know. So please, don't ask me all the time whether I'm pregnant yet or whether I want to have kids (actually, don't ask anyone that question ever unless you are a close friend in a private setting). I absolutely want kids. There is nothing I want more. But until my uterus agrees, there won't be any.


  1. Lovely, lovely post. And it's true--all women are mothers. Each and every one. Because that's what our Heavenly Father wants for us and how He thinks of us. Happy Mother's Day. :D

  2. Beautiful post my love. Very well said.

  3. Really great post. Happy (belated) Mother's Day :-)

  4. Well said, Brooke. Loves, Rachel