21 April 2011


I'm terrible, and if I even try to cover what has happened in the last week or so, you will all stop reading my blog in hopes of never reading that much again.

SO, the week in pictures!

First, the Bijou Market. It turns out that one of the pairs of earrings I bought was made my a girl from my ward, Amy! Specifically, this pair:

It was kind of hilarious, I actually ran into her at the grocery store this evening and she and her husband recognized me and we all introduced ourselves, and she said she liked my earrings... because she totally made them. Ha! The market was way fun, Chels and I had waaayyyyy too much fun. Can you tell?

Anyway, the market was a while ago, and for those who follow my updates on facebook, you know that I was in California this last weekend, I as you can see, I rather enjoyed it:

So, if you're not jealous yet, you should be. I got a little tan and loved being able to see old friends. It was my husband's first time in Southern California and I think I got him to like it, at least the beach part of things. Not to mention my friend's wedding was beautiful! It's almost exactly what I did, the biggest differences being the dress and the number of family members. (Her family is way smaller, I can't say I'm not just a little jealous. i love my huge family, but sometimes it just seems like there are SO MANY of them. Especially when addressing invitations.)

Unfortunately, I came home to no work this week. Looks like I'm "not really needed" at the Farm until June when they finally open for breakfast. I was also informed that they would call me if I was needed before then, and not the other way around. Ugh. On the bright side, I might have a couple of options. We'll just have to see how this all goes.

Also exciting, I made myself a skirt! I'll take a picture of that later when I get a slip for it and such.

Don't worry, I'll be back to cooking soon enough! But not until after my cousin's wedding tomorrow.

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