14 March 2011

mmm... Lindt. and a job!

You know, sometimes when I'm eating my Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Chili or a Touch of Sea Salt, I have to wonder if that guy on the back of the package really held up and sniffed my chocolate before wrapping it carefully in foil and sliding it into the box. You know, this guy!

Although, frankly, I hope this guy wasn't all up in my chocolate bar before I bought it at Pirate O's.

But that's all beside the point I really want to make, I'm employed!! It's called The Farm, and if you click on my employed link, there's a brief explanation. I've been officially hired as a hostess with the promise of learning lots and moving quickly. Hopefully I'll be back in my server shoes before you all know it.

Not to mention I'm still working for Rob and Renee twice a week watching the crazy kidlets. Today we went to the bouncy castles, and I think Dante kind of overdid it, because when he was done doing everything in the room, he promptly threw up his snack and what may or may not have been his waffle from this morning in front of me. Fortunately, none of it got on me, and even though I feel bad it was in a public place, it meant I didn't have to clean it up. Probably the only annoying part was the two lady-moms nearby who started saying things like, "Uh... maybe he shouldn't be here." All pious and whatnot. Whatever, I'll bet your kids have thrown up in public before. Olivia was NOT in the mood for much of a quiet time, but she did enjoy half of an episode of Family Feud with me before insisting I make her a mermaid. I did, I'm such a pushover. I was able to get her to color in the "sea" (four pieces of paper ALL blue) so I could clean up a little more than what I had done up to that point.

And now here I am, sitting with my handsome hubby. He's almost done with his Simpsons book. I wish I read as fast as he does, it'd make me accomplish more. Or so I'd like to think.

All in all, thus far a fairly successful day I should say! It's not every day one gets a great job offer like this. :) I just hope it works out as well as I want it to.

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